Our Trinity House Values

Trinity's values - family, compassion, commitment, enthusiasm, flexibility, and character - drive the work that we do every day at our facility. Our staff members embody these values and they serve as the foundation of the programs and services we provide.


  1. Our partnerships with consumers, their families, our staff, the community, business associates and volunteers comprise the Trinity House Family.
  2. Consumer and family involvement is vital to the success of our programs
  3. We are committed to providing safe, secure and responsive services for the entire family. 


  1. We honor the preservation of each consumer's self-respect and dignity.
  2. Warmth, kindness and caring in everything we do demonstrate our compassion.
  3. Showing special understanding for the needs of the family is fundamental.


  1. Follow through is basic.
  2. Trinity House is uncompromising in our commitment to quality and expertise.
  3. We are firm in our commitment to socially responsible business practices and community responsiveness.


  1. A sense of humor is essential - smiling and laughter are therapeutic. 
  2. Our enthusiastic attitude promotes energetic performance.
  3. We have a strong pride in ourselves and a natural enthusiasm for the work we do.


  1. At Trinity House, flexibility allows us to provide our consumers with the most appropriate programs and services.
  2. We understand- and strive to meet - the range and variety of needs of our consumers, their programs families and their communities.
  3. We provide innovative and effective programs and services that enhance our consumers' personal accountability and promote competency development and service to others.


  1. We don't just describe problems - we solve them.
  2. Strength of character is vital to what we do.
  3. In our partnerships, integrity, trust, respect and dependability are all non-negotiable.